Jeff Mach Speaks: Musings on Steampunk

Whose job is it to protect people at events?

3d computer graphics of a fairy with a fantasy armor and sword

Whose job is it to protect people at events? Everyone’s. Understand that I’m not bringing this up because I believe that I’m perfect at this, personally or professionally, or that I have all the answers – not at all. I’m writing because we seem to be in another one of those cycles wherein some people […]

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What is Steampunk?

Girl in a stylized steampunk costume posing on a dark background.

Every month, we ask, “What is Steampunk?”, and we think about it again. Here’s a practical answer you can use: Steampunk is a creative focus, based re-imagining the 19th century, which you can use for any form of inventiveness.  It could be music, art, dress, writing, games – and those are just beginning points. Steampunk […]

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Cosplay is not consent

To my surprise, this is one of the more controversial memes I've ever made. Even now.

It’s probable that if you’ve hung around fandom, science fiction, or  like-minded communities – like the Steampunk universe – you’ve heard the phrase  “Cosplay is not consent”.  If you haven’t, I can give you a thumbnail definition: If one dresses as some sort of fandom or fantasy character with what is considered to be sex appeal […]

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Three Great Steampunk Webcomics

girl genius

The total number of incredible Steampunk webcomics is, of course, “Lots”.  Webcomics and Steampunk, in many ways, grew up together, and it’s not surprising that some of the oldest and flat-out best webcomic tales are of Steampunk universes and spirit. Here are a few for you to consider: 1. Girl Genius. Girl Genius is perhaps the […]

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Three ways to make any Convention or Festival experience better.

3D computer graphics of a lady with fantasy clothing and weapons

I’ve been running conventions, festivals, and events for well over two decades now. There have been tremendous changes within that time, unsurprisingly – for example,  quite relevant to my own life and career, it’s not like there were really any Steampunk events 20 years ago.  Not anywhere in the entire world. But there are a […]

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Steampunk as a cultural force

It's a door.

“My parents became cyberpunks and all they left me was this dark future.” – R. Talsorian Games’ “Cyberpunk” Culture is a technology; it’s a massive, crowdsourced technology.  All culture is that way; but Steampunk is a unique tool, and we have the opportunity to use it in unique ways. Regardless of its scale, culture is […]

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3 Essential Tips For Evil Mad Scientists

steampunk style man with various mechanical devices on vintage s

Sure, we’ve all been there.  You’re crawling out of the wreckage of your latest laboratory, watching your Monster go make friends with the people who’ve just destroyed years of your work, and picking little bits of adamantium, mithril, and frozen aether out of yet another utterly ruined labcoat, and you’re thinking, “Why?  WHY did this […]

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4 Reasons We Adore Steampunk

Beautiful Steampunk Woman Surprised

Steampunk! There’s just so much to love! From the endless creativity, to the excuses to eat splendid things, to the the way people continue to surprise and awe us with how they take Steampunk culture and do unexpected things with it.  Here are four of my personal reasons for loving Steampunk: 4.  Some people SAY […]

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The Top 5 Steampunk Songs To Get You Pumped

Rock musician in a steampunk costume performs with electric guitar.

As the co-creator of one of Steampunk’s first major music festivals, I have loved Steampunk music for a decade and a half now.  The range of creativity, passion, and musical ability within Steampunk’s musical culture is, like Steampunk itself, limitless, brilliant, and inspiring. After a long winter, we’re coming towards what looks like a beautiful […]

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I’m not cool, but I loved being Goth.

Gothic woman - portrait, photo.

I admit it, I own tan pants. Also, I wore a bow tie today, just because Fred Astaire wore one in the movie I watched last night. I frequently listen to Fleetwood Mac with my wife, and I have seen every episode of Rick Steve’s Europe. I own a typewriter. I am gloriously, wonderfully delightfully […]

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David Bowie and the power of transformation

January 11, 2016: David Bowie illustration concept word cloud

Yes, David Bowie’s death still hurts.  But there is only one way for me, personally, to mourn the death of David Bowie, and that is to look at how fearlessly he shaped and reshaped himself, becoming something new when his previous self wasn’t quite enough – and try to do the same in my own […]

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Tea With A Dragon

Dragon. Fantasy creatures collection. Hand drawn vector illustration. Engraved line art drawing, black and white doodle

A quiet dragon once invited me to tea. And she ignited the wood ‘neath the kettle, gently snorting. I said, “I might just come-a courtin’ But I’m afraid of being eaten”. She said, “That’s fair.” I said, “So what’s up with the captured maidens? When villages you are raidin’ Why do you capture lady virgins? […]

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Are you Steampunk/Goth/Geeky/Weird enough?

A simply-dressed woman wearing black clothes with a white collar

Are you Steampunk enough? Are you Goth enough? Are you Geeky enough? Yes. You are. And I don’t mean that in the sense of unthinking compliment. I don’t mean it as cheering. I mean it as simple truth. In almost every space where you might question whether or not you’re “enough”, the question defines you. […]

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Does your loved one have The Steampunk?

Portrait of a steampunk man with a mechanical devices. Fantasy.

Does your loved one have The Steampunk? Are they suddenly significantly taller, due to the addition of a top-hat with a clock nailed to it? Do they possess goggles which, for no particular reason, never seem to be found on their eyes? Do they suddenly insist on drinking tea?  Oh, sure, I’ve heard that normal […]

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