The Goblin Market

The Goblin Market Presents: The Return of Carnival Obscura!


(Please note: This is the VIP Event for The Steampunk World’s Fair on the Friday night of the weekend – May 5th. VIP Tickets for Steampunk World’s Fair are required for admission. Event contains burlesque and darker subject matter (Ages 16+))

The Goblin Market is an exhibition and staged show event that deals with a darker and fictional interpretation of what we refer to as Victoriana (1830-1900), and directly succeeding eras that blend surrealistic themes within a historical context. It draws symbolic inspiration of the Christina Rosetti poem of the same name in the concept of other worldly beings interacting with a human audience to create Faustian deals.

The Goblin Market also reinvents the term “goblin” from its fairy and fantasy roots from folklore and legend. Rather than creatures of mischief and mild mayhem – these are elusive and otherworldly beings that have an insatiable desire for deal and bargain alike. The purpose of these deals is to slowly strip the human rube of their humanity and in some extreme cases, their life.

The Goblin Market’s interpretation of these otherworldly occupants is different than the fairytale renditions. They appear as though human although gaunt, dressed in bizarre arrays of anachronistic fashion, and in some cases have very distinct yellow irises. By their attire and couture they appear interested in Victorian, sideshow, carnivale, and funerary styles. Within their possession, they carry on their person strange, rusted adornments about their clothing that harbor occult purpose. Within their wares are some of the strangest and most curious relics and items. And every item, adornment, or object of fancy is available for trade.

There is unspeakable darkness that clings to the Goblin Market. It is shrouded in mystery, fear, and excitement. Our souls long for wonderment that breaks away from the monotony of our daily lives even if it means sinking into the darkest parts of our hearts. The desire that dwells in those dark pits that grant our defining humanity seem immortalizing to these Goblins – the Autumn People, The Beings on the Other Side of the Mirror – and everywhere they go, insidious smiles at bewildered faces of patrons of all sizes, shapes, and creeds are bound to follow.

We invite you to come dressed in the more macabre fashions of Steampunk and Victorian fashion and revel in this most unusual show.

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