Panels & Workshops

Victor Von Voltage’s Electric Snake Oil

The Professor bring his extensive collection of actual period electotherapy devices, with demonstrations of their use: Violet ray generators from the 1890s- 1950s. Electreat electrical induction massagers. Shock boxes and other samples both sensual and shocking. This presentation is in the form of a period lecture the type given by itinerant academics and gentlemen adventures. […]

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Ashley Lauren Rogers


Ashley Lauren Rogers is a playwright, stand up comic, and transgender rights advocate. She is an alumni of the Kennedy Center playwright intensive, with shows produced in New York City (Stage Left Studio, MITF, The Brick) and Theatre To Go in Melrose MA. She is also a recipient of ACM Award for Comedy Video writing […]

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Convention Photography Do’s and Don’ts


Want to learn the basics of convention photography? Want to know the proper etiquette for taking photos? Want to know if you should work with that photographer or not? Come join Amanda of Wild Spice Photography as we discuss the basics of convention photography as well as proper etiquette when taking photos at a convention, […]

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Unsung Steampunk Founding Fathers

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and  Sir William Schwenck Gilbert Unsung Steampunk Founding Fathers With Lawrence Tagrin While the “Steam” (technology) of Steampunk is well recognized as relating to the work of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, little has been discussed concerning the roots of the “punk” aspect.  In this presentation we will look at two figures […]

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Steam Engines 101


Let’s learn about the STEAM in steampunk! An overview of how steam engines work. This revolutionary technology changed how and where work could be done. On the farm, in industry, and in transportation.” Attendees will gain an understanding of the overall components and what they do. Time will be alloted at the end for Q&A. […]

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Fell down the rabbit hole of Steampunk and decided that she didn’t want to come back cause it was too fun! Started with her own unique brand of Steampunk accessories and jewelry. Now owner of BelleMages Etsy store and author of the upcoming alternate history series Carver Chronicles. Don’t miss her many shows, which this year […]

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We’re All Mad Here- A Solstice Brews Tea Tasting

all mad here

Join author and tea blender, Katherine McIntyre, for this whimsical tea tasting. Solstice Brews teas focus on creative and unusual blends, sure to delight any tea aficionado–an adventure in a cup. The tasting will include blends from her line of teas based off of the books she’s written, but the fun doesn’t end there. The […]

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Shoestring Scientists

shoestring scientists

Shoestring Scientists is a group of hobbyist makers and creators with a diverse skillset who enjoy building and teaching others how to get started with their own projects. Shoestring Scientists focuses on hands-on building to teach people that it’s okay to experiment, have fun, and get their hands dirty. Don’t miss our many shows, which […]

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History of 19th Century Opera Concert and Lecture

nicole oliva

History of 19th Century Romantic Opera Concert and Lecture Soprano Nicole Oliva joins this year’s event to give you an entertaining and educational experience with her concert and lecture on 19th century romantic operas. Nicole will give us a glimpse into the history of popular operas and their composers throughout the Victorian era that are […]

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The Disorder of Death and the Rise of the Vampire

nicole salomone

“The Disorder of Death and the Rise of the Vampire” With Nicole Salomone The definition of death was a wibbley-wobbley sort of thing during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Come learn how the lack of the definitions of life and death created havoc in eighteenth century London, and gave way to vampire lore. Over the […]

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Learn to Navigate the Luminiferous Aether That Is the Law


LEARN TO NAVIGATE THE LUMINIFEROUS AETHER THAT IS THE LAW A Crash Course in Copyrights, Trademarks, Rights of Publicity, and other Pernicious Legal Issues for Artists Perhaps you’ve written a SteamPunk novel or comic book and are now ready to meet with publishers, or maybe you’ve taken photographs of conventioneers in cosplay and want to […]

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Celebrity Charity Munchausen


It is time once again for the Munchausen Society to come together at the Steampunk World’s Fair to raise money for a worthwhile charitable cause. A variety of the Steampunk World’s Fair’s performers and presenters will be coming together in one place at the same time to tell fantastic stories for an appreciative audience. These […]

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Making It Real: Custom Prop Making and Painting Techniques


Anyone can make their own props with the right information. With the introduction of 3D printing in the world we are basically only limited by our imagination. This panel discussion/demonstration focuses on the painting and application of metal to preexisting parts as well as full piece creation. bring your piece that you are working on […]

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Mme. Greenwood’s Art Salon


The Salon, amusing and educating, is a gathering of like-minded individuals to discuss poetry, literature, or the visual arts. With models, still-lives, coaching and activities, Mme. Greenwood invites you to join our hands-on Art Salon, and let loose your Creative Soul. (You are encouraged to bring your own art supplies.) Mme. Greenwood’s Anatomy for Artists […]

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Steampunk’d Stars at SPWF!

steampunkd feature2

You’ve seen the TV show…now meet some of the contestants in person! Stoking The Fires of Inspiration, The Steampunk World’s Fair is thrilled to welcome the inspiring talents of Steampunk’d judges and contestants… Check back as we add more guests and surprises! Thomas Willeford Thomas Dean Willeford is a steampunk writer, artist, and maker. He is […]

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It’s All About the Bones


It’s All About the Bones: Corset Bones & Hoop Wire by Farthingales A demonstration (how to cut and finish ends and how to use) of several types of boning products that can be used for corset making, hoops, bustles, and millinery. The qualities of each will be discussed and there will be samples to see […]

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What the Heck is a BJD?


What is a BJD (Ball-jointed Doll)?Where do they come from? How did they start? Where are they going? What is the great appeal of these sometimes-considered-creepy dolls? Are they really that expensive? The answers to all these questions and more! Plus an awesome display of BJDs showing the variety & range of BJDs. Presented by […]

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LeBeau’s Chocolate Tastings (sold out)


Nikki Woolfolk is an Author and Chocolatier, a proud owner of a subscription chocolate shop- LeBeau Chocolates & Confections. LBCC is an artisan Steampunk-themed shop that uses fair trade and New England based ingredients. Tickets  $25 – SOLD OUT Absinthe, Artisan Chocolates, and Beyond SOLD OUT Saturday, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm Tasting of our […]

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