The Nightshade Society: Dark Victoriana

The Nightshade Society is a Dark Victoriana track of programming that includes panels, workshops, and art events drawn to a theme intended for patrons interested in the darker elements of the Steampunk genre. We define “Dark Victoriana” as a surrealistic blend of Gothic horror, arcane mystery, and occultism in all mediums in seeking to fulfill what can be understood as your darker “flavor” of Steampunk.

Steambones Workshop


Participants will be given a basic kit revolving around steampunk parts, gears, bones, a mink skull, and other decorative Victorian inspired flourish. The goal being everyone leaves having created a unique steampunk reliquary that can be worn as a broach, necklace, or magnet. With possibilities and add-ons a plenty! This workshop will involve the use […]

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Mummy Unwrapping

mummy unwrapping

A classic Victorian event! A rich personage would ship a mummy from Egypt and then invite his friends to help unwrap it. You see, the Ancient Egyptians didn’t just wrap the mummy in plain cloth; Secreted away in the wrappings were perfumes, religious scriptures, trinkets, and jewelry—exotic prizes for guests to take home! As the […]

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