Jeff Mach Himself


Jeff Mach is one of Steampunk’s premier singer songwriters in the opinion of both of his parents. Jeff Mach is the person behind Jeff Mach Events, which puts on several events – including this one!  He wants you to know, however, that he gained his position as a performer through hard work and merit and […]

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Scott Helland – Guitarmy of One

Scott Helland

“It’s sparkling acoustic based music that simply makes you feel good.” -Rock NYC Live and Recorded Not your typical instrumental music, not your typical instrumentalist. Powerful, driving, enveloping Guitars with minimal yet effective beats… beautifully textured concise melodies. Helland, a veteran of the hardcore punk scene (as a founding member of Deep Wound w/Dinosaur Jr‘s […]

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Frenchy and the Punk

frenchy and the punk

Frenchy and the Punk: This “unique two-person indie folk punk powerhouse,” based in New York, has played nearly every steampunk event known to man, is one of the earliest bands in the scene, and they have been touring across the US and Europe for 12 years. The pair is made up of bilingual French-born dancer […]

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Montague Jacques Fromage


Montague Jacques Fromage Steampunkfunk Bizarre Cog-father of steampunk, international performer, past candidate of “Britian’s Got Talent”, originator of steampunkFunk/Victorian rap… From Sweden to New Zealand, London to Berlin to Vegas and back again, Monty has spread deliciously infectious Steampunk musical madness and mayhem to thousands of devotees of the world’s most high-profile subculture, Steampunk. Montague […]

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Victor Sierra


Victor Sierra leads you into a vaporous and multicoloured universe through unexplored paths down to a future that could have been… In a bloody sky, the airship Hydrogen Queen keeps a steady pace while very special trains can fly leaving the road not taken. On stage, the Legendary Converted Princess’s and Commander Bob and Big […]

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Night Watch Paradox


Night Watch Paradox presents their interactive steampunk rock opera, “Magnificent Machines and Astonishing Tales” Join with the heroic crew of a steam-powered airship as they travel through space and time using their “working” time machine. The crew encounters fictional and historical characters and ultimately help the Americans defeat the British during the War Of 1812. […]

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A Halo Called Fred

halo called fred

From their earliest days doing shows before Rutgers “Rocky Horror” screenings to their recent performances of the steampunk rock operas: “Absinthe Heroes” and “What Sharp Teeth” to their collaborations on “The Freaky Mutant Weirdo Variety Show”, a Halo Called Fred has a proud two decade history of collaborations with Jeff Mach events. The Halo has […]

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Victor and the Bully

victor and the bully

Bringing a new and different sound, Victor and the Bully armed with a Ukulele, Guitar and a whole lot of thunder and debauchery behind them to make sure your deepest sins come out and you are up dancing on your feet!

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Cogsday – a Steampunk Holiday Celebration


Luminary Ticket Holders are cordially invited to a joyous celebration of Cogsday, the first Steampunk Holiday! Event times coming soon! Featuring The Eternal Frontier! More details on the celebration are coming soon. What is Cogsday and why do we need to celebrate it? (Why Steampunks MUST celebrate Cogsday): The Steampunk phenomenon itself, has long been […]

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