The Eternal Frontier

The Eternal Frontier are a Steampunk, acoustical, musical duo, consisting of the good Baron Von Zipple & Professor Adam Smasher. Armed with only their guitars, soaring voices and signature kazoos, these two seasoned chrononaut minstrels, perform Steampunk themed songs original, classic and sometimes bombastic!

A Halo Called Fred

A Halo Called Fred, the clown monarchs of psychedelic steampunk geek-rock, have spent the last two decades making the geekiest sounds ever to spring from guitar, bass, violin, and Tupperware.

They have lent their talents to burlesque shows, motion picture soundtracks, rock operas, and their most recent collaborative endeavor is “The Freaky Mutant Weirdo Variety Show“, featuring songs about pirates, cavemen, Steampunks, fairies, and many others, their message is: “We Love You All!“.

Victor and the Bully

From the depths of London, UK come Victor and the Bully – Armed with only a Ukulele, a Guitar, some moustache wax and a touch of Brylcreem to a create a of twisted cabaret-like sound. Using honky tonk piano, violins, trumpets and anything they get get their filthy mits on to back them creates a ‘Carnival blend’ inspired by steampunk, swing, mariachi, classical and punk to blow the cobwebs away and get your feet tapping!