Rusty Old Man

 Rusty Old Man’s passion leans to the rusty side of things. We work with the junkiest of the junk and the rustiest of the rusty to recycle, re-imagine and re-purpose our pieces into hand-crafted, one of a kind metal art. From the whimsical to the historic to functional re-use we take old discarded junkyard, flea market, and roadside finds and give them new fun and form for you to enjoy.

W.P. Griswald

W.P. Griswald offers handmade bowties, cravats and ascots, and suspenders plus men’s wool hats and a curated selection of the best vintage cufflinks and tie tacks you can find.

W.P. Griswald will be vending with Pyaara

Magical and Mechanical Oddities

We are purveyors of gadgets, gizmos, mechanical wonders, artistic works, and useful tools. Our products are created using a variety of methods and materials. Every item is designed, created, and handcrafted entirely in house by our team of artisans.