Heather Hutsell

hutsell with weaselHeather E. Hutsell is back, and she has brought along her splendid, one-of-a-kind boutonnieres! With each colorful flower handcrafted from upcycled neckties (and never a repeated pattern!) you are guaranteed to have an original accessory that you can proudly display upon your favorite ensemble! Heather will be a busking vendor – so look for her around the Fair!

Steel Heart Worx

steelheartI create Custom Handmade Conceptual one-of-a-kind wearable STEAMPUNK art. I design Jewelry that makes the audience look deeper then the materials I used & into the concept of unique piece created just for them!

RESCU: Booth of Epicness

rescu1Another year has come for the Booth of Epicness to make it’s appearance known! For those that don’t know, we are a non-profit booth that donates the money raised to the RESCU Foundation which helps groups of people cover medical bills, advocate on their behalf, find doctors, and a whole lot more.

With new and old shtick, gimmicks, epic hugs, raffles, hand made items, a loud voice, and a whole lot of heart, we will bring even more fun to the Midway this year! So stop on by and ask for a song played on a conch, get a one of a kind story told, challenge a pirate to a duel to the death (death scenes will not lead to actual death), or for our Batman fans, find out how to put Superman fans in their place or just come by to donate to the cause! No matter what, good times will be had by all!

So come on down to the Midway and find the Booth of Epicness! Can’t find us? Just listen for the loud pirate. There’s no way you can miss that.

This year, the Booth of Epicness will have your hydration needs! Stop by for your $.50 water bottle and get a free raffle ticket with every empty bottle brought back! Stay thirsty my friends!

Riri’s Pottery Haus

ririTea connoisseurs of highly discerning taste, take notice! Exquisite wheel-thrown stoneware teaware, etc., lovingly handcrafted to enhance your imbibing/dining experience! A timeless marriage of precious old-world aesthetic with modern practicality, sensuously draped in riri’s original designs and enrobed in sumptuous glazes. Dishwasher/microwave safe, and guaranteed to confer a 300% tasty bonus to all fine beverages or comestibles consumed therefrom.