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Merchants who have vended at previous Steampunk World’s Fairs. You can also view the 2016 Programming content.

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Raymond’s Quiet Press


Fine steampunk jewelry made in the old style. Strength meets whimsy. Get it. Raymond’s Quiet Press has been making fine bronze jewelry for over 30 years. Until recently, the focus has been on historically inspired pieces for the Society for Creative Anachronism. Now, we branch out into the steampunk world with a new line of […]

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The Madinarium


The Madinarium is delighted to be back for its sixth year with SPWF. Come walk among the flowers and pick a bloom that fits you best. Perhaps, take home one of the rare Tardis roses, or maybe a PokèRose is more your taste. No matter what your taste we have lots to choose from. All […]

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Alice Through the Looking Glass at SPWF!


Catch trailers and clips of Disney’s upcoming film “Alice: Through The Looking Glass,” snag some promotional swag, and maybe win a ticket to an advance screening! Look for the table in the Midway Tent on Saturday! Disney’s ALICE: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS – In Theaters May 27 Cast: Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Mia Wasikowska, Rhys Ifans […]

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Isabella Bunny Bennett


Isabella Bunny Bennett is a transgender pantomime performer, actress, artist, and musician currently living in San Diego, CA. Take a look at her artwork here! She currently portrays Rabbit in the robot pantomime act Steam Powered Giraffe, and produces numerous artwork and comic creations both for the act and for her own devices. You can […]

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The Long Losts


The Long Losts are proud to be part of The Goblin Market. Presenting The Long Losts a goth, punk and rock & roll celebration of Halloween, Autumn, romance and things that go bump in the night! Anka haunts and Pat rocks, playing tunes from their debut album, “Scary Songs To Play In the Dark.” The […]

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Gail Z. Martin


In addition to writing epic fantasy, urban fantasy, and steampunk, Gail is the author of the bestselling book 30 Days to Social Media Success. She and Larry N. Martin have a new book on social media marketing for authors and makers coming later this year.

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Coventry Decor


Barware for the grown-up geek. Etched glass, hand-engraved flasks, and one-of-a-kind steampunk shot glasses, including steel shots and reclaimed vintage glasses.

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Heather Hutsell

hutsell with weasel

Heather E. Hutsell is back, and she has brought along her splendid, one-of-a-kind boutonnieres! With each colorful flower handcrafted from upcycled neckties (and never a repeated pattern!) you are guaranteed to have an original accessory that you can proudly display upon your favorite ensemble! Heather will be a busking vendor – so look for her […]

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Steel Heart Worx


I create Custom Handmade Conceptual one-of-a-kind wearable STEAMPUNK art. I design Jewelry that makes the audience look deeper then the materials I used & into the concept of unique piece created just for them!

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RESCU: Booth of Epicness


Another year has come for the Booth of Epicness to make it’s appearance known! For those that don’t know, we are a non-profit booth that donates the money raised to the RESCU Foundation which helps groups of people cover medical bills, advocate on their behalf, find doctors, and a whole lot more. With new and […]

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Riri’s Pottery Haus


Tea connoisseurs of highly discerning taste, take notice! Exquisite wheel-thrown stoneware teaware, etc., lovingly handcrafted to enhance your imbibing/dining experience! A timeless marriage of precious old-world aesthetic with modern practicality, sensuously draped in riri’s original designs and enrobed in sumptuous glazes. Dishwasher/microwave safe, and guaranteed to confer a 300% tasty bonus to all fine beverages […]

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The Pillaged Village


The Pillaged Village is your Trim, clasps and button specialist. We offer so much for your cosplay. From Vikings to Verne we have trim and buttons for you. We also have so much more! If you don’t see, we can get it.

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Midnight Orchid Design


I design and create many eclectic fashions. From Steampunk Finery, Bellydance, everyday wear and so much more. Many of my items are upcycled materials. Anything from: WWII scarves, antique, obi and kimono, sari, to counter top tile. I enjoy creating an outfit that makes the wearer feel pretty and specialize in all shapes and sizes. […]

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Kafe Merhaba


Kafe Merhaba is a large Near Eastern themed cafe that serves coffees, tea, snacks, sweets, hookahs and other tasty things to the good folk at SCA events (Pennsic War), Ren Faires, and other medieval styled events. Look for the amazing Turkish coffee, and other goodies in the bar area of the Radisson.

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At Verillas we believe everyone is the hero of their own story. Our clothing and accessory designs, our lifestyle, is built around making your richly developed inner character a stunning external reality.

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MayFaire Moon Corsets


What strikes your fancy? How would you like to feel when you’re all dressed up? Bring us an idea, and we’ll make it happen. We make some of the best corsets on the planet: comfortable, beautiful, geeky, strange, lovely, and always unique.

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Dr. Angus Fears Lab


The man behind the lab has  run the Massacre Mansion Haunted house at the Blackthorne Resort for 18 yrs, and when he helped with some props and such for Steampunk in the Catskills, he got the steampunk bug and has been making custom steampunk hats, armor and props ever since.

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Old Soul’s Home


Curiosities inspired by the oddities that reside in my head and need to get out and travel the world. I use “throwaways” to create something different from what was once old- thus “Old Souls Home”. For those of us who see the world a little differently you may laugh, cry, covet, or all three at […]

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