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Goblin Market – 2017

The Nightshade Society: Dark Victoriana – 2017

Steampunk’d – 2017

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IronBlood Armory

ironblood armory

Smithy J Ritchie, from parts unknown (Mass), showing the young and old the traditional techniques for hammering steel into whatever their hearts may desire, along with some copper smelting as well if you ask him nicely. Come watch him re-forge old tools and railroad spikes into wind chimes, blades, artwork, and what have you, in a […]

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Cybertron Dance Party, VampireFreaks


VampireFreaks – Cybertron Dance Party – Steampunk Edition VampireFreaks brings you NYC’s infamous gothic-industrial CYBERTRON dance party, which has been going strong for 14 years.  They danced your panties off at Dark Side Of The Con,  and they’re ready to rock at SPWF. DJ’s Jet and Shadownightz transform the goblin market into a clubnight and […]

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Books & Chocolate

Books & Chocolate

Books & Chocolate a.k.a. Who is Chef Alex LeBeau of LeBeau Chocolates? Get the scoop from author and Chocolatier Nikki Woolfolk as she reads from MISE EN DEATH, book 1 from the Steampunk Culinary Mystery series due out later this year. Stay for a Q & A and win a chance to taste artisan chocolates […]

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Steampunk Eddie

steampunk eddie

Edward Thayer (known as) “Steampunk Eddie” and winner of GSN’s reality TV show “Steampunk’d” and took the title of “Top Steampunk Maker” in the country. His art work has been sold internationally to well-known software companies such as “Cap Gemini”. Although Ed is famous for his “steampunk” influenced style, he has over 30 years experience in the custom […]

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2017 SPWF Ad Pic

Do you like singing? If you do, you’ll want to get your karaoke on at Raith Kell’s D.A.R.Karaoke show. With “Discord and Rhyme Karaoke,” Raith is ready to give you your musical fix at The Steampunk World’s Fair. Sing your favorite songs, show off your chops, and have fun. Even if you don’t sing, come […]

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Steampunk As Metaphor


Samantha Stephenson, singer and percussionist of the globetrotting Steampunk Folk Cabaret duo Frenchy and the Punk, will be conducting a panel on reinventing your life Steampunk-style. Samantha has been touring with Frenchy and the Punk for over 10 years. Her path to her present life was not a direct one. She not only has experience […]

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Boy Andersen: Bootblack


Bootblacking is the art and service of the care and maintenance of leather and rubber boots, shoes, clothing, and accessories. It is often more massage than “”shoe shine.” Boy Andersen is a gender-dyslexic bootblack who learned how to clean bridles and saddles long before he was greasing up leather clothing and boots. She is the Mid-Atlantic […]

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Victor Von Voltage’s Electric Snake Oil

The Professor bring his extensive collection of actual period electotherapy devices, with demonstrations of their use: Violet ray generators from the 1890s- 1950s. Electreat electrical induction massagers. Shock boxes and other samples both sensual and shocking. This presentation is in the form of a period lecture the type given by itinerant academics and gentlemen adventures. […]

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Lenino’s Rabbit Candy Jar

lenino-foto-lengua (1)

Lenino is a musical storyteller, writer and explorer who was born in the Caribbean and has lived in New York City all his “adult” life. He is an engineer, playwright and self-taught piano player. He is a jack of all trades, a post-modern renaissance man. Lenino’s songs represent episodes where characters face fears facetiously. He […]

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This Way to the EGRESS


Since their start in 2008, EGRESS has been told to find a box in which they could fit themselves; however, one needs a rather large box to fit six musicians—and their array of accordions, tubas, guitars, trombones, pianos, and drums. So they haven’t bothered trying and instead they move forth doing what they do best; […]

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Chelsea Goodwin

chelsea goodwin

A favorite at Steampunk in the Catskills, Chelsea Goodwin hosts the radio show “In Goth We Trust”. She shows old horror films with comic commentary, introduces other acts and judges fashion shows, trivia contests, etc. She also plays piano/keyboard and sings funny songs as well as covers. Chelsea Goodwin will be the MC for this […]

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Sideshow Spectacle with Lady Younglove & The Witch Doctor


Steel your hearts and behold Mademoiselle of Mayhem, Damsel of Danger, The Indestructible Krystal Younglove along with Christopher the Witch Doctor – presenting classic side show performances to strike to your very core. Fire manipulations to amaze the eyes and mind. And stilt walking?!

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Ego Likeness

ego likeness

Ego Likeness was created in 1999 by artist Steven Archer, a DC native, and writer Donna Lynch in Baltimore, Maryland. Taking their name from Frank Herbert’s classic science fiction novel ‘Dune’, the band began as an experimental/ dark trip hop project. A demo called ‘Songs From a Dead City’, recorded on a four track, was […]

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Ashley Lauren Rogers


Ashley Lauren Rogers is a playwright, stand up comic, and transgender rights advocate. She is an alumni of the Kennedy Center playwright intensive, with shows produced in New York City (Stage Left Studio, MITF, The Brick) and Theatre To Go in Melrose MA. She is also a recipient of ACM Award for Comedy Video writing […]

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Convention Photography Do’s and Don’ts


Want to learn the basics of convention photography? Want to know the proper etiquette for taking photos? Want to know if you should work with that photographer or not? Come join Amanda of Wild Spice Photography as we discuss the basics of convention photography as well as proper etiquette when taking photos at a convention, […]

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Dust Bowl Faeries


Dust Bowl Faeries is an ethereal gothic ­folk ensemble with a dark cabaret twist. The unique compositions of Dust Bowl Faeries have roots in Gypsy, klezmer, and vaudeville music. Accordion, singing saw, ukulele, lap ­steel, electric guitar, bass & percussion combine to create the Dust Bowl Faeries’ otherworldly sound. The band was founded by artist­-musician […]

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Unsung Steampunk Founding Fathers


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and  Sir William Schwenck Gilbert Unsung Steampunk Founding Fathers With Lawrence Tagrin While the “Steam” (technology) of Steampunk is well recognized as relating to the work of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, little has been discussed concerning the roots of the “punk” aspect.  In this presentation we will look at two figures […]

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Steam Engines 101


Let’s learn about the STEAM in steampunk! An overview of how steam engines work. This revolutionary technology changed how and where work could be done. On the farm, in industry, and in transportation.” Attendees will gain an understanding of the overall components and what they do. Time will be alloted at the end for Q&A. […]

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Fell down the rabbit hole of Steampunk and decided that she didn’t want to come back cause it was too fun! Started with her own unique brand of Steampunk accessories and jewelry. Now owner of BelleMages Etsy store and author of the upcoming alternate history series Carver Chronicles. Don’t miss her many shows, which this year […]

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