Steampunk & Glamour Magic: A Retrospective & Reading

Steampunk & Glamour Magic: A Retrospective & Reading
by Deborah Castellano

Steampunk is now rich with memes and has its place in pop culture, but what was it like before Steampunk was an established subculture? Where does Steampunk overlap with glamour magic and the occult?

Deborah Castellano reflects on ten years of her experience with both from her time starting the first Steampunk convention to now, waiting for her first book to be published this summer with Llewellyn. She will be reading from her current essay and taking questions if time allows.




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Steambones Workshop

Participants will be given a basic kit revolving around steampunk parts, gears, bones, a mink skull, and other decorative Victorian inspired flourish. The goal being everyone leaves having created a unique steampunk reliquary that can be worn as a broach, necklace, or magnet. With possibilities and add-ons a plenty!

This workshop will involve the use of mink skulls embellished with clock parts and gears. Steampunk reliquaries made from pocket watch skeletons, skulls, gears, and bones. Design kits available as a broach, magnet, or pendant. Kits set up with everything each person needs and will have add ons for a minimal fee.

This class is limited to 30 people and costs $20 per person. Please use this form to sign up and ensure a spot.


Bent Nail Studio is a cutting edge company devoted to sculpture of all kinds with styles ranging from Steampunk/Dieselpunk, Dada, Sci-Fi fantasy, organic vs. industrial, figurative toys and characters, and other recycled media.

Mummy Unwrapping

A classic Victorian event!

A rich personage would ship a mummy from Egypt and then invite his friends to help unwrap it. You see, the Ancient Egyptians didn’t just wrap the mummy in plain cloth; Secreted away in the wrappings were perfumes, religious scriptures, trinkets, and jewelry—exotic prizes for guests to take home!

As the guests take their turns unwrapping a bandage, they’ll uncover prizes. It could be anything: a coupon, a sweet, a torn fragment of an old map, a book, a perfume sample, a pair of earrings, a tea bag sample.

Prizes are donated by the Steampunk World’s Fair dealers. As prizes are unwrapped the donating company will be announced, and their business card or flyer can be on hand to give to interested parties.

Steampunk and Fashionable Death: Victorian Mourning and Funerary Arts

Steampunk and Fashionable Death: Victorian Mourning and Funerary Arts

With D’arcy Austen FRS

Did you know that the dark Victorian Gothic style we all know and love started because of a “birds and bees” talk in a rainstorm?

Your mother-in-law just died. How long until you can wear purple to parties again? 
Is that creepy picture in Grandma’s attic really a dead guy?
There are many misunderstandings, urban legends, and plain misinformation about the Victorians and their relationship with death and dying. D’Arcy Coffin Austen, FRS has been studying thanatology and taphophilia for more than 20 years, and brings her knowledge of formal mourning customs, memento mori, postmortem photography and Gothic cemeteries to Steampunk World’s Fair for the first time. Topics include proper mourning periods, graveyard symbolism, and common misconceptions about death in La Belle Epoch. 
Due to the subject matter, this class may be inappropriate for small children, parental discretion is advised. 



The Disorder of Death and the Rise of the Vampire

“The Disorder of Death and the Rise of the Vampire”

With Nicole Salomone

The definition of death was a wibbley-wobbley sort of thing during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Come learn how the lack of the definitions of life and death created havoc in eighteenth century London, and gave way to vampire lore.


Over the past 400 years the concepts of death and dying have transferred from normal acts of the human life cycle to a highly regulated business. The business aspect of these natural occurrences grew from the need to respectfully dispose of the corpse and to ensure that medical schools were obtaining an adequate number of corpses for both academic study and experimentation during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This resulted in the growth of business with the corpse as the commodity.

As the public became more aware of the condition of the interred corpse, the awareness of premature burial grew. This caused the medical community to start the process of developing a clinical definition of death. As this took place, another movement started to grow, which enveloped the same qualities – the rise of vampire fiction and lore.

Come hear stories about how science and fiction blended and the line between reality and fantasy become thinner than you ever imagined.