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How To Have A Steampunk Halloween

Alchemy and Steampunk

“Then the Dean repeated the mantra that has had such a marked effect on the progress of knowledge throughout the ages. “Why don’t we just mix up absolutely everything and see what happens?” he said. And Ridcully responded with the traditional response. “It’s got to be worth a try,” he said.”  ― Terry Pratchett, Hogfather Wear goggles.  […]

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The Steampunk Haunted House

It's time for a Steampunk Haunted House!

Yes, it’s true! We’re making a STEAMPUNK HAUNTED HOUSE! The Kickstarter goes live on Monday, 8/21/2017; PLEASE DO RSVP for the Facebook event to keep up with the latest info.  Fittingly, it will happen in the darkness of the coming eclipse! We’re so excited that we’ll say it again… We’re Making A Steampunk Haunted House! […]

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Steampunk For World Domination: An Introduction

Steampunk airship mechanic.

STEAMPUNK FOR WORLD DOMINATION! a book by Jeff Mach Introduction: Exactly what the hell are we creating here, anyway? I’m going to let you in on a huge secret here: Steampunk is imaginary. But just because it’s imaginary doesn’t mean that it’s not real. Consider how odd our ideas of “reality” are.  Does a locked door […]

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Welcome to The Steampunk World’s Fair 2017

Welcome to The Steampunk World's Fair 2017

This page is a Archived snapshot following Steampunk World’s Fair 2017 was completed. Jeff Mach‘s Steampunk World’s Fair is the world’s largest Steampunk event!  All are welcome! We’re going to be on Cake Boss! Want to be a part of it?  Details here!  See the 2017 schedule! Please click here to view information on it. […]

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