Who knows what wonders you will find at the Fair. Entertainment awaits on the Busking Stage in the Midway, and around unexpected corners!

infinity0=1=infinity.  Aupaya & The Magick Solar Suitcases
Step right up and experience the Magick solar suitcases. They are Magick, solar powered and suitcases. Anyone can create awesome live musik on the spot.

0=1=infinity.  Aupaya & The Magick Solar Suitcases is live interactive electronic musik with magick solar suitcases.
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boyandersen2015Boy Anderson, Bootblack
Bootblacking is the art and service of the care and maintenance of leather and rubber boots, shoes, clothing, and accessories. It is often more massage than “”shoe shine.”
Boy Andersen is a gender-dyslexic bootblack who learned how to clean bridles and saddles long before he was greasing up leather clothing and boots. She is the Mid-Atlantic Community Bootblack 2010. He believes in being hands-on as much as possible, and usually uses reiki and massage as part of his bootblacking service. She chooses who sits in her chair.


calixta_1_retouchCalixta Starr
Calixta Starr is an award winning theatrical fusion artist from NY. Her unique storytelling style has been featured in numerous stage shows as well as dance festivals and pop culture conventions. Calixta Starr’s training in multiple dance forms blend together to create pieces that continually push the boundaries of theatrical dance


eternalThe Eternal Frontier
The Eternal Frontier are a Steampunk, acoustical, musical duo, consisting of the good Baron Von Zipple & Professor Adam Smasher. Armed with only their guitars, soaring voices and signature kazoos, these two seasoned chrononaut minstrels, perform Steampunk themed songs original, classic and sometimes bombastic!

Jaime Wiz

jaiwizHarkening back to the days of Vaudeville dreams, the mad scientist of ukulele will draw you in, steal your money, and leave you feeling depressed with a smile on your face. Even if that smile is laughing at him.


The Overly Dramatic Readers:
A lovable pair of rascals who like to ham things up. Anything worth doing, is worth over-doing in overly dramatic fashion.

  • Overly Dramatic Star Wars
  • Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Notebooks
  • The Overly Dramatic Readings
  • The Overly Dramatic Challenge


jeff_clevePineland Puppets
Professor Jeff (aka Jeff Cleve) has been working to reintroduce the humor and fun of Punch and Judy in many different forms. He’s got an eye on the past, but his feet in today. Be sure to catch his SteamPunch show while you’re at the Fair. Also look for him as he walks around with some of his other Steampunk inspired puppets.



Professor McClendon:
Professor McClendon is an award-nominated internet author who likes to bring an interesting mix of stories, some short, some not, to the masses and read them aloud. Some of his stories are well-known, some aren’t (but they should be!). And he promises that none of the stories were written by him, so you needn’t worry.

  • Storytime with Professor McClendon: Horror
  • Storytime with Professor McClendon: Fantasy
  • Storytime with Professor McClendon: Science Fiction
  • Storytime with Professor McClendon: Steampunk

withthehatThat Guy…With the hat…
the anonymous, anomalous minstrel




tinkerWandering Repairman, Tinker Benjamin J.
The Tinker is coming, and he’ll help you out If your costume is falling, then send him a shout! For costume tears, cried tears, or fallen tiers He fixes the brokens and mends up teddy bears! Find him wandering or send word through the vine But don’t leave your fun to do your own mending Benjamin J. loves to sew, glue, rivet, and pin He keeps all the goodies to put it together again.