Steam Powered Giraffe

Photo credit: Amelia Reichley

Photo credit: Amelia Reichley

Third time’s the charm! The Steampunk world’s Fair is thrilled to welcome back Steam Powered Giraffe for a third amazing, exciting, ungulate-inspired year!

The robots of Steam Powered Giraffe are like nothing you’ve ever seen. The malfunctioning joke-spewing robots play a collection of original Vaudeville inspired tunes fused with modern flare and executed in a super-sleek, one-of-a-kind performance.

The act combines the visual of robot pantomime with sketches, pop culture references, improvised comedic dialogue, and of course, original music.

From their heartwarming nostalgic melodies to their funky cabaret rock, Steam Powered Giraffe’s songs are memorable, infectious, and as unique as the robots themselves.

East Coast appearances by SPG are rare, and SPWF is excited to again offer fans and fans-to-be the chance to experience this unique performing group!

Stay tuned for details on special programming with SPG members! And to hold you over, take a look at SPG’s 2014 performance at the Steampunk world’s Fair in the Video link below!