Steampunk World’s Fair is proud to welcome Amy Wilder to our fair halls.

When Amy Wilder discovered the Steampunk scene at DragonCon in 2010, she quickly found that, like a Dickensian Orphan, she wanted more. It seems more is definitely what she got, as she is now one of the top Steampunk models in the U.S., appearing in publications such as Obscurae, Surreal Beauty, and Clockwork, as well as reaching almost iconic status in her work with Brute Force Studios.

Not content with rocking the Steampunk world, she has achieved success in the world of mainstream modeling as well, most recently working with the Black Tape Project. When not gallivanting around the country taking pictures, she enjoys tea, bird watching, and the occasional book. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with four ridiculous cats.