absinthetasting1I would like to thank Scott MacDonald for opening the door and allowing me to continue the journey of absinthe exploration with the Steampunk community. For this year’s absinthe event our sponsors will be La Clandestine Absinthe, Butterfly Classic Absinthe and Slipstream Absinthe Glass. I will give a background to both absinthes, distilled in the birthplace of absinthe, from Couvet Switzerland and bridge the experience into the modern application of absinthe with classical preparation and modern mixology. After all, Steampunk was and is ahead of its time! I look forward to our journey and the future of absinthe together, see you all in May!!

Cheers, Brendan

Slipstream-Absinthe-Text-ClearSponsored by Slipstream Absinthe


absinthetasting4This event will take place on Saturday, May 14. SOLD OUT

(Event previously listed as Belle Epoque Absinthe Tasting)