Jeff’s heart was captured at thirteen by The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He was fascinated by how much you could change the seemingly ordinary world of a movie theatre, and create a strange, wonderful new home for people whose interests were outside the norm. He’s dedicated his life to creating those places.

As a singer-songwriter, Jeff’s work ranges from wry takes on Steampunk, tales of Faeries and their kin, and what happens when you get locked inside a dream factory. As a playwright, Jeff’s plays and musicals tend to take familiar subjects and look at them from odd angles.

Jeff was born January 27th, 1975. He’s a practicing Pagan whose chief patron is P’tah, who is either the God who created all things, or the inventor of miniatures – depending on which mythology you read. He’s also dedicated to Coyote, Eris, and Dionysus.

For more about Jeff, check out his blog Musings about Steampunk

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