It’s The Steampunk Haunted House!

Why combine Steampunk and Halloween?

This is the heart of it: some people love Halloween because they get to put masks on. But some of us love Halloween because we finally get to take our masks off.

When we started doing Steampunk in the Catskills, and then Halloween in the Catskills, we found that the property already had a magnificent haunted house which was the product of years of work by master hunters and dedicated people of all stripes. But due to the resorts disastrous fire some years earlier, the house wasn’t operating at its full capacity, despite incredible staff and team behind it.

We saw opportunity because this is what Steampunk does. This is a piece of the magic that is Steampunk. This is a piece of the craft and skill and ability within Steampunk. Steampunk can take an idea in any form, and help infuse that idea with life and vitality and inspiration and blissfully incredible joy.

Steampunk is not escape from reality. Halloween is not escape from reality. Both of them are their own realities. They touch us, and effectiveness, and they make our lives more fascinating.

If you’re seeing this on September 10 or 11th, the Kickstarter is in its final hours. Wherever you are, you can back it and get in-person or long-dstance rewards!  if you’re seeing this after, check out Kickstarter anyway, because the things you’re doing, thanks to be like you, are spectacular: