Speakeasy ticket price goes up May 4

speakeasyHey.. you… yeah, you with the face….

Word’s coming down the alley that the Speakeasy’s about to get a little more exclusive. Seems the Boss is seein’ dollar signs, and supply makes demand, am I right? Seems tickets are runnin’ low, so on May 4th he’s gonna raise up the price a smidge. This is all secret stuff, so keep it under yer hat, but if you were on the fence about goin’ to the worst kept secret in town come the World’s Fair, now’s the time to make that call or else you are gonna pay for it.

Fightin, Singin, Dancin, and Drinkin… how is this a hard call to make unless you are the dullest doll in town?

Anyway, I gotta split, but don’t say I never warned ya ’bout nothin…

Speakeasy Tickets are currently $30. As of May 4, Speakeasy tickets will be $39. Act Now!

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  • Volunteer at SPWF!!! Apply Now!

    The Volunteer Application for the 2016 Steampunk World’s Fair is open now!

    A great way to get involved, save some money, and get to know SPWF from the inside!

    Apply now

    Please familiarize yourself with the information and policies on volunteering at Jeff Mach Events before applying.

    Interested in volunteering for Jeff Mach Events in general? You can also join the Jeff Mach Events’ Volunteer Information Center FB page!

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  • The Goblin Market is back! (Friday, VIP Tickets!)

    goblinmarketThe Goblin Market is back!  After a year’s hiatus, this intriguing evening of dark Victoriana returns to THe Steampunk World’s Fair!

    Please note: This is the VIP Event for The Steampunk World’s Fair on the Friday night of the weekend – May 13th. VIP Tickets for Steampunk World’s Fair are required for admission. Event contains burlesque and darker subject matter (Ages 16+). RSVP at the Facebook Event to share your excitement!

    The Goblin Market is an exhibition and staged show event that deals with a darker and fictional interpretation of what we refer to as Victoriana (1830-1900), and directly succeeding eras that blend surrealistic themes within a historical context. It draws symbolic inspiration of the Christina Rosetti poem of the same name in the concept of other worldly beings interacting with a human audience to create Faustian deals.

    The Goblin Market also reinvents the term “goblin” from its fairy and fantasy roots from folklore and legend. Rather than creatures of mischief and mild mayhem – these are elusive and otherworldly beings that have an insatiable desire for deal and bargain alike. The purpose of these deals is to slowly strip the human rube of their humanity and in some extreme cases, their life. Continue reading

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  • Steampunk in the Catskills II

    catskills2016Steampunk in the Catskills II
    Event Dates: June 10-12, 2016

    Blackthorne Resort
    348 Sunside Rd, East Durham, New York 12418
    (518) 634-2541

    Jeff Mach, the fellow behind The Steampunk World’s Fair, is bringing Steampunk to a lovely, family-owned resort!

    Steampunk In The Catskills returns! Come join us for the event that’s been called “Steampunk Summer Camp” and “the best knife-and-for tea this side of the ocean.”

    Performers! Vendors! A Steampunk haunted house!

    Stay overnight at the Blackthorne Resort. Call (518) 634-2541 to get your room and reserve your spot at the event (ask for the Steampunk Weekend, June 10th through 12th)!

    You do NOT need to purchase tickets if you are staying overnight. Rooms are first-come, first-served (there are only a hundred rooms total)!

    Performers include, but aren’t limited to:

    Professor Mark P. Donnelly!
    Joey Marsocci of Grymm Studios!
    The Positronic Cats!
    The Eternal Frontier!
    and, unsurprisingly,
    Jeff Mach

    It’s going to be splendidtacular!

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  • Steampunk in NYC with Nathaniel Johnstone and friends

    steampunknycmay3Tuesday, May 3, 2016
    7:00PM – 10:30PM

    85 Avenue A, New York, New York 10009

    Steampunk’s brilliant multi-instrumentalists The Nathaniel Johnstone Band are coming to town for a very short time! They’ve teamed up with Jeff Mach of The Steampunk World’s Fair to put on a splendid night of Steampunk music, performance, vending, and fun in the Big Apple!

    Just added: Not Waving But Drowning! It’s junkyard cabaret with indie rock flair, equal parts rust and lace – we’re so proud to have them aboard! Well, maybe overboard, as the case may be.

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  • Absinthe Heroes comes to The Steampunk World’s Fair!

    absinthe heroes 2015Absinthe Heroes comes to The Steampunk World’s Fair!

    Now that our Kickstarter is fully funded and complete, reaching multiple stretch goals, you can get tickets  ($45) directly through SPWF!

    Buy tickets now

    Jeff Mach, co-creator of The Steampunk World’s Fair, wrote one of the first Steampunk rock operas, Absinthe Heroes, for the inaugural SPWF. Now he’s bringing it back in a gorgeous, splashy new production. Absinthe Heroes is darkly humorous, adventurous, and features wit, dash, daring, and chocolate. Its musical score was written by our acclaimed headliner Psyche Corporation. Absinthe Heroes has been described as “a riotous blending of the ridiculous and the sublime”; “mad science in theatrical form”, and “A Steampunk rollercoaster.”

    Now, Absinthe Heroes is not inherently a lavish show. It can be done – and has been done – with production values as simple as a couple of goggles, a ray gun, and one Large And Mysterious Switch. But… Steampunk is capable of such glorious pomp and puffery, such dizzying heights of the divinely over-the-top pageantry! This is how we want Absinthe Heroes to spring to life. Harnessing the creative services of Circuit 6, whose expertise has mad our stages come alive for many years – and with the generosity of friends, family, and fellow Steampunk-lovers – we can make Absinthe Heroes an iconic piece of Steampunk history!
    Tickets are available  through this website for $45.

    Buy tickets now

    Directed by Ali Bernstein
    Libretto by Jeff Mach
    Music by Psyche Corporation

    Stay up to date with AbsintheHeroes!  Give us your email address and we’ll tell you All About It! Sign up here!

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