• A Dark Victoriana Track at SPWF!

Event Dates: May 15-17, 2015

The Radisson Hotel Piscataway-Somerset
21 Kingsbridge Road, Piscataway NJ 08854

“The quality of wonder is that part of the soul which remembers how to fly; while we yearn heavenward, a part of us is already there, turning glorious circles.”
Attributed to Oscar Wilde

Welcome to The Steampunk World’s Fair!  We are the largest Steampunk festival in the world, but our core is not about size – it’s about being a warm, welcoming place.  We take one crazy weekend in May and make it a home to music, entertainment, joy, and thousands of people.  Some are Steampunk veterans, some are brand new; some are really seriously, some are really silly, some are sure and some are just curious.  We welcome you all!  You will not find such a smorgasbord of Steampunk delights brought together anywhere else in the world.  Come in!  Come be a part of it!  We’d love to meet you!

Next ticket price increase on May 1.


So much to see! So much to do!

Design by Egregore – The Art and Design of Aristotle Pramagioulis

We are looking forward to an amazing weekend May 15-17, 2015 at The Steampunk World’s Fair – the World’s Greatest Steampunk Festival!

While we tune up our velocipedes, polish our goggles, and prepare a wondrous event, please explore this virtual Fair to get a taste of the wonders that await you! And then get your Tickets so you don’t miss out!

From music to panels, to participatory workshops we have Entertainment for all ages and interest! Updates as we add to the amazing lineup!

I’m afraid you may come away from the weekend with a lighter wallet, after spending time with the talented and creative group of Merchants who will be offering their wares, from chocolate mustaches, to the finest in corsetry and gadgets, you will find it all at The Steampunk World’s Fair. Expect frequent updates between now and the Fair!

Drinks & Dining: Delight your tastebuds with the extraordinary dinners, teas and drink events of the Steampunk World’s Fair! make your choices and get your tickets!

Interested in performing or vending at SPWF? Check out the application links at the bottom of the page!

Find us on Facebook and RSVP to the FB Event!  We’re also on Twitter and Tumblr!