Friday, May 16th - Sunday, May 18th, 2014
Piscataway, NJ

A Gigantic Adventure Awaits!

Welcome one and all – welcome Steampunks; welcome people who aren’t Steampunk at all; welcome to the fascinated and the curious, the veterans and the totally uncertain.  Welcome, all of you, to one of the friendliest Steampunk events anywhere!

It’s true that we’re the largest ticketed Steampunk event in the world…but the World’s Fair is an incredibly individual experience.  That’s because we use that size to sprawl out like a massive, whimsical carnival over many tens of thousands of square feet – you can travel through the whole event as if it were an adventure, a gigantic playground, or an enormous contraption filled with magic, wonder, and, in some places, absinthe fairies.

Come look around our site!  We are brimming with entertainment, live music, celebrations, games, theatre, social activities, things to taste and try, new experiences, lots more music, friendly people, wondrous surprises, discussions, talks, cabaret, and much, much more.

This is going to be amazing – come be a part of it!

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Follow these links to find out more about our performers and  workshops!  (This is updated weekly!)

Smoke & Mirrors Peepshow


“The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.”
~Oscar Wilde

Prepare to be enchanted, ensorcelled, entertained, and enthralled, and engaged!

Smoke & Mirrors Peepshow is an up and coming New Jersey based classic burlesque troupe that harkens back to the decadent heyday of burlesque.  It’s led by Attica Wilde and features performers Vivi Noir, Ivory Askew, and Miss Kitty. They are supported by the lovely debutantes, Taylor Sweet, Jess Distress, Esmerelda May, Dolly Dagger and Draga de Sade. They’ll be performing at the Fair on Saturday night, but be sure to also catch them as part of the VIP event The Goblin Market at the fair – Friday night only!

A Halo Called Fred

SPWF-Halo-Called-FredA Halo Called Fred provides the best geek rock ever played on guitar, bass, fiddle, and kitchenware. Their songs feature such topics as Pirates, Steampunks, Cavemen, and any body part or flying thing you can think of. Halo has performed with King Missile, been produced by a member of Ween, and featured on The Doctor Demento Show. Reborn after a decade-long hiatus, they are regulars at off-beat cultural events such as Wicked Faire, The Steampunk World’s Fair, and the Macabre Faire Film Festival. They also pose with nifty balloon creatures that sport top hats. They are just that cool.

Mystery Science (Dinner) Theatre 3000


In the not too distant future…as a matter of fact, the past. The not TOO distant past, although time is relative when we are dealing with these sorts of things. Either way, it is just a dinner show, you should probably just relax.

That’s right, after last year’s successful Mystery Hatton Theater, The World’s Fair is doing it again, but we have heard that watching and laughing at a traditionally themed movie is hard work. Well, if there is one thing funnier than a spit take in a film, it is someone choking on a dinner roll because of hysterical guffawing.

So this show is not just long-time Riffer James Hatton sitting with you all in a dining atmosphere and laughing along with you at this piece of steamy (get it?) cinematic gold. We will also be providing drive-in fare for you to enjoy as we go. Snacking on the buffet while you get your movie riff on sounds like a wonderful way to spend an evening… and if it doesn’t, well, we might know a guy who can shoot you into space.

You can get tickets over at our ticket page – please note that this event DOES tend to sell out!

Writing Contest in Conjunction with JukePop Serials!

automatonFancy yourself an author? Show us what you got! Here’s an exciting contest we have going with our friends over at Jukepop Serials.

Here’s what you need to do to participate:

1. Register for your JukePop account ahead of time at

2. Familiarize yourself with our publishing platform, we are a serial fiction site and publish stories in installments (chapter format). Contest winner will be determined by valid reader +Votes and reader retention based on our analytics.

3. Submit your first chapter at anytime. Yes, that’s right, we just need your first chapter to get started. Log into your JukePop account and go to My Account -> Submit to submit your first chapter. On JukePop’s submission page, first question – please select Steampunk World’s Fair to submit to from the drop down menu. Also note our formatting requests.

4. After your first chapter is submitted, our JukePop Editor will review your submission and get back to you within 1 – 2 weeks on steps to take to officially publish your story. If you submit before the contest starts we will get back to you the week the contest starts.

5. If your submission is accepted, you’ll be notified via email and need to follow the instructions in the email to officially publish your story to the page dedicated to Steampunk World’s Fair authors.

6. Once your story is published, you will be able to publish future chapters directly to the site at your own pace. Pace your chapter updates so that readers get to enjoy a couple new chapters every week or two. During this time, promote your story to all friends and family to get them to read and +Vote. You can use our Facebook Share and Twitter Tweet buttons to get the word out. If you have a personal blog, tell everyone there. Also on Steampunk forums.


JukePop Contest Terms and Conditions:

1. The contest period starts on May 1st, 2014 and runs through Aug 1st, 2014.

2. Winner will awarded $100 and determined by the number of valid +Votes received and reader retention during the contest period. Contest must have at least 10 accepted entries to run.

3. All entries must be original and cover art free of any copyright infringements. All fiction genres considered except Fan Fiction and Erotica.

4. Winners will be notified by Aug 15th, 2014. Cash award payments will be sent within 45 days after the winners are notified. All payments will be made via PayPal (

5. All entries will get a chance to continue to publish on JukePop, pending the quality and popularity of the story. (And start collecting monthly cash rewards.) Winning serial will be featured on JukePop’s site and social media channels.

6. All participating authors retain rights to their work.

7. All entries that qualify will get a chance to be listed at libraries.

Absinthe Tastings


““Absinthe, O my lively liquor / It seems, when I drink you / I inhale the young forest’s soul / During the beautiful green season”.

-Raoul Ponchon, 1886

We are a merry crew, here at The Steampunk World’s Fair!  Those who are of age are invited to join us at a tasting of some varieties of absinthe, as well as some bonus liqueurs.   Both of our tastings are hosted by some of our most rousing headliners.  (Note: tickets to each event are limited.)

Friday at 9pm, $30 (Hosted by Eli August!) Here’s a bit of Eli’s work:

Saturday at 8pm, $30 (Hosted by Wyck!) Here’s a bit of Wyck does…namely, stick his hand in a wolf trap. No, we’re not kidding.

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