Welcome to The Steampunk World’s Fair

Jeff Mach‘s Steampunk World’s Fair is the world’s largest Steampunk event!  All are welcome!

We were just featured on The Syfy Channel’s Syfywire: 11 Unconventional Conventions You Have To Geek Out At, by Elizabeth Rayne.

Up next: Steampunk Halloween In The Catskills!

We’d like to thank everyone who attended this year’s event.  We’d love your feedback; please feel free to give it to us via our feedback form!

Next year’s event will be at the Radisson and Embassy Suites of Piscataway, New Jersey, May 4-6th, 2018. Hotel rooms are available at our popular overflow hotel and tickets are available now as well!

Want more Steampunk?  Get room, board, 5 gourmet meals, and an entire festival for $150 at our other show, Steampunk Halloween In The Catskills.

The Steampunk World’s Fair is the world’s largest Steampunk event, and it welcomes EVERYONE, from the most experienced to the curious.  Come on by!  We welcome you!

We’re going to be on Cake Boss!
Want to be a part of it?  Details here!

 See the 2017 schedule!

Please click here to view information on it.

Here’s just a little bit of last year:

Our famous catered open bar event, the Steampunk Social!  It’s only $29 now; it’ll be $40 at the door.  So get yours today!

Come join in and compete in our Costume Contest!

For families with little ones, why not try out Galia’s Slightly Perilous Children’s Wonderland!

The Mad Hattress AzkadeliaThe Frills, Fancies and Ornamentalism of the British EmpireSteampunk Numerology, The Steampunk YogaSteam Bot Unity, Three Pints Shy, Gypsy Funk SquadMark P. DonnellySteampunk QuickDraw Competition, Mummy Unwrapping, Steambones Workshop.

The Steampunk Worlds Fair is also featuring

Internationally-acclaimed Steampunk author Gail Carriger

One of the world’s most beloved Steampunk Bands, Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band

As well as members of the cast of ‘Steampunk’d‘ along with winner Steampunk Eddie!

We are pleased to welcome Amy Wilder and Thomas Willeford!

Attending with his Steampunk Roadster, Jake von Slatt!

Enjoy literally hundreds of hours of vendors, programming, shows, entertainment, and other things to see, hear, and experience!

Den of Sin Dinner

Join us for food and entertainment, featuring the sinfully entertaining White Elephant Burlesque Society.

Celebrating 10th glorious years, “The White Elephant Burlesque Society” is a theatrical, fully realized inner circle of talented and ambitious burlesque performers. Each of them a headliner, WEBS members perform for audiences with an array of skill and talents.

The Den of Sin Dinner is an exclusive bonus for Steampunk World’s Fair 2017 and is our official burlesque event. Entry is permitted only for those who purchase the appropriate ticket add-on and space is limited for the venue.

Tickets are $60.

Friday, 8:00 pm – 10:00pm

Buy Tickets Now!

The Radisson Hotel Piscataway-Somerset
21 Kingsbridge Road, Piscataway NJ 08854
2018 rooms open on May 19th at 5 p.m. EST
Embassy Suites Piscataway
121 Centennial Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08854
2018 rooms open on May 19th at 5 p.m. EST

Some rooms are likely to open up closer to SPWF, so keep checking back.
An official overerflow hotel is available. We are actively looking for more official overflow hotels.

Want to find out about our other adventures?
Check out the Jeff Mach Events website.

Dark Side of the Con

March 17-19, 2017
Radisson Hotel, Piscataway, New Jersey

Find out more at darksideofthecon.com

The Great Steampunk Talent Search



The Steampunk World’s Fair, the world’s largest Steampunk festival, has helped some of the best-known performers in Steampunk get discovered. Now we’d like to share the Steampunk joy and expand its horizons. For 2018, we are seeking the greatest undiscovered Steampunk AUTHOR in the world!


We’re looking for any sort of Steampunk author: poet, short stories, blogger, novelist, song writer, etc. We’ll transport the winner to the show, provide hotel accommodations for Friday and Saturday nights of the Fair and access to the Con Suite (a room which serves light, non-alcoholic refreshments and snacks throughout the event), be given top billing, right up with our show’s headliners–and there is also a prize of one thousand dollars. The winner will be featured on the Guest of Honor panel, have one scheduled signing session, and two scheduled reading sessions. Further presentation and panel opportunities will also be likely and negotiated with the winner when they are chosen.

There will be one winner. The winner will be notified via email on February 17, 2018. The announcement will be made to social media once the winner has been confirmed.


You MUST complete BOTH steps to be eligible to win:

  1. Submit a programming application. Be sure to choose the “Great Steampunk Talent Search” option when you answer the application question “Is there a specific section of programming you’re interested in applying for?”
  2. Send us a sample of your writing. It can be previously published or not, but it should give us a clear idea of who you are and what you do. It should be at least 5 pages long but no more than 25 pages. A sample chapter is acceptable, as long as it’s not longer than 25 pages. Send the writing sample to programming@jeffmachevents.com with subject: SPWF 2018 Talent Search

Please be sure to share this page if you know someone who should enter this talent search!

Steampunk & Glamour Magic: A Retrospective & Reading

Steampunk & Glamour Magic: A Retrospective & Reading
by Deborah Castellano

Steampunk is now rich with memes and has its place in pop culture, but what was it like before Steampunk was an established subculture? Where does Steampunk overlap with glamour magic and the occult?

Deborah Castellano reflects on ten years of her experience with both from her time starting the first Steampunk convention to now, waiting for her first book to be published this summer with Llewellyn. She will be reading from her current essay and taking questions if time allows.


For more information, click here!

Jake von Slatt & The Steampunk Roadster

Jake von Slatt is a maker, tinkerer, and all around techno dilettante living and creating just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Jake is interested in the blending of 19th century aesthetics and technology with the modern world and showcases projects of that ilk on his website. While he eschews the temptation to rigidly define the term “Steampunk,” he does know that it has something to do with the intersection of technology and romance.

The Steampunk Roadster

Steampunk World’s Fair is honored to be able to showcase the Steampunk Roadster, Jake von Slatt’s Last Steampunk Project. [see above link for more information]

In celebration of The Steampunk Workshop’s 10th anniversary, Jake von Slatt created a steam powered vehicle from a 1970s kit car. The car’s construction has been documented on such things as the PBS show Make: Television and has been featured in such things as WCVB’s Chronicle and SPACE TV’s Fanboy Confessional.

As of April 14, 2017 the Steampunk Roadster is for sale.

Amy Wilder

Steampunk World’s Fair is proud to welcome Amy Wilder to our fair halls.

When Amy Wilder discovered the Steampunk scene at DragonCon in 2010, she quickly found that, like a Dickensian Orphan, she wanted more. It seems more is definitely what she got, as she is now one of the top Steampunk models in the U.S., appearing in publications such as Obscurae, Surreal Beauty, and Clockwork, as well as reaching almost iconic status in her work with Brute Force Studios.

Not content with rocking the Steampunk world, she has achieved success in the world of mainstream modeling as well, most recently working with the Black Tape Project. When not gallivanting around the country taking pictures, she enjoys tea, bird watching, and the occasional book. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with four ridiculous cats.

The Mad Hattress Azkadelia

The Mad Hattress Aerials Extravaganza

Azkadelia & Her Minions are back with more fun and nonsense planned than ever! With 16 feet of height and just silky fabric to keep her up you’ll never know what could happen!

Come join in and watch as The Mad Hattress takes to the sky, you might even see a flying squirrel and more!!

Also check out her awesome Aerial Demo Classes to give it a try yourself!

All shows in the Radisson Courtyard

This could be you! (With looooooots of classes and practice. Start now with Azkadelia at SPWF!)

Mad Hatter Aerial Demo Classes

Ever wanted to try what The Mad Hattress does, or maybe you want to try something new?
Maybe it’s a friends birthday and you don’t know what to get them while at SPWF?!?
Whatever the reason why not try a Aerial Demo Class with the Mad Hattress herself.

Demos will be 30 minutes in length and are 100% interactive. Participants must be 18 or over, or 16 and over with parental supervision. Please wear comfy yoga like clothes you are comfortable going upside down in.
Class with take place at ground level but we will play with some basic skills in the fabric and of course some spinning about and flipping upside down.

Space is limited so reserve your spot at MadHattress10x6@gmail.com 
Cost is $20 per participant. CASH only.

All shows in the Radisson Courtyard

Want a chance to appear on Cake Boss?

Steampunk with wings from The Steampunk World's FAir!

A previous Steampunk World’s Fair attendee – photo by Babs Who Takes Pictures

We’re going to be on the hit TV show Cake Boss (link has sound!) — they’re going to make the most creative Steampunk cake you ever saw!

Want your chance to be on the show?  We need a small group of very dressed up (doesn’t have to be fancy/high class, just has to be really eye-catching and exciting!) people with great energy who want to eat the cake!

REQUIREMENTS:  It’s on Saturday.  You’ll need to be in the Courtyard early, at 3:30, for an estimated film time of 4:15.   If it’s raining, don’t worry – bring an umbrella!


  1.  You MUST buy or have bought at least one weekend pass to The Steampunk World’s Fair by ten p.m. EST on Sunday, April 30th.
  2. Post a picture of yourself, in the Steampunk garb you hope to wear (or a variation of it) to your Facebook status, Facebook page, or other social media.  Post this text:  “I’m going to The Steampunk World’s Fair – www.SteampunkWorldsFair.com!”  You can play with the text a bit if you want; basically, say you’re going, and give the link.
  3. Email the link to THAT post to me personally at jeff@jeffmachevents.com.
  4. I will reply to ALL emails unless the response is SO big that I get overwhelmed; if I do, I’ll post about it in the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/323705873173/.  I highly recommend joining the group (but if you don’t, it won’t be held against you!) They’ve told us “about 30 people”.  We obviously don’t control who they decide to film.  We DO control who gets to eat the cake, so if you’re selected, you get cake!  At least, until the cake runs out.  We think it’ll be big enough for 25.  We’ll be giving out 25 tickets.
  5. Again, tickets do NOT guarantee that you’ll end up on camera, but we do EXPECT that if you’re in the lucky 30, you’ve got a very good chance of being on camera.  Bring your high energy and be ready to be excited!

I’m excited!  Are you?

 You can also keep up-to-date by RSVPing for the Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/158545631342533.